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This Will Be So Much Fun!

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We've got an assignment for you. Well, it's not an assignment exactly (because "assignment" sounds like so much pressure, and extra pressure is something you don't need in your life.) Instead of an assignment, let's call it . . . what? A group activity? A challenge? A fun thing?

Oh My Word is a place that encourages people to put pen to paper and to write. We are a safe place for stories. A workshop for words. And to that end, we want to encourage you to write more of your own beautiful words. 

Each week, we will be releasing a new Writer's Prompt. These prompts are designed to get you thinking, and to inspire your writer's mind. The prompts will be released each Friday at noon, so you'll have the rest of your work day on Friday to begin thinking, and you'll have the weekend to write. 

And where are you to write them? Write your words as a comment on our blog. Write them on our facebook page. Write them in notebooks. Write them in letters. The most important thing is simply that you WRITE. 

A couple of housekeeping notes: Comments on our blog will need to be approved. We will refrain from publishing anything which contains profanity, or contains names or information which could be potentially harmful or damaging to a person. (Let's keep it clean, people.) 

Most of all, we look forward to writing our words alongside you. The stories inside of you are important, and the world needs you to share them. Get ready for Friday. This is going to be fun. 

With blessings and gratitude,

Melissa and the Oh My Word girls

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