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The Simple.

Simple Thank you notes

A few weeks ago I had a breakfast meeting with my friend Carla. She and I have been mostly professional acquaintances, and to be honest, I’ve been feeling like most of my friendships lately have been professionally built and professionally driven. Not that that’s an entirely bad thing. I’ve met some great people through business. But lately my soul has been craving more. I’ve had a restlessness stirring inside of me and a mild annoyance every time someone says, “Hey, how’s business?” I’m a person. I understand that each of those queries are entirely well-meaning. And yet, I’m a person; more than business, you know?

 As I sat in the booth with my professional friend Carla and we discussed all manner of topics like interns and developing talent and work ethic and time management, there came a time when our conversation slowed and came to a pause. It was a simple moment, but I remember with clarity how my hands were wrapped around the heavy ceramic coffee mug, elbows resting on the table in front of me, as, out of the blue she mused, 

“I’m putting tile onto my kitchen backsplash and I don’t know how to measure for that. Do I call in a professional, or try to measure it myself?”

I don’t know the first thing about tiling or backsplashes or measuring. I didn’t have an answer. But what I did have was a smile and a realization. In the middle of this breakfast meeting, we were sharing a moment of simple life. It was mundane, there was no strategy or growth involved in her question. For a moment, we weren’t talking about work or business. We were talking about day-to-day stuff that people talk about. Was it deep and soulful discussion? Nah. It was simple.

Simple is the very fabric of life. Today I’m sending her a thank you note for letting me into her SIMPLE. It was exactly what I needed.

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