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"So . . . What's a paperie? What do you guys do?"

It's safe to say that few people around here have heard of a "paperie." Truth be told, the word paperie itself is somewhat of a made up, fancy french-sounding word, comprised of paper (which we definitely are all about) and "-ie" indicating that we are a store where you'll find it.

Many people think that "Oh My Word" must mean we are purveyors of words, as in books. While we do have a few books in the store available for sale, I like to think of us more as a writer's shoppe. I like to think of us as facilitators of handwritten encouragement. We curate beautiful stationery and writing items from vendors we carefully select. We are about encouraging people to write and to send sentiments again. To do that, we also hold a variety of workshops in our store's inspirational workroom. Many of those workshops combine words with art in some form, such as calligraphy and hand lettering, songwriting workshops, kids' card making workshops, Snail Mail Socials, Bible Journaling, and more. 

If you've never stopped in before, we hope you'll find an opportunity to swing into our downtown Sioux Falls location soon. We're at 328 S. Phillips Avenue, right next to M.B. Haskett. We've got a kiosk at the Empire Mall at Center Court if you're looking for a quick little stop and shop. Or of course, please enjoy your time here at our website. We hope you find just what you're looking for. 

Take a deep breath and think for a moment of the way you felt the last time you tugged open the door to your little black mailbox and pulled out a handwritten card from a friend. You know THAT feeling? The one that made you smile and close your eyes for a moment, filled with joy?

Yeah. That's why we're here. That's what we're about. 

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