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Confession: I'm a Hoarder

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I just can't throw them away. Not a single one. I've tried to throw them away before, tried very hard in fact. I just can't do it. In the process of attempted decluttering, I've instead found myself surrounded by them and overwhelmed at how many there are. And so I sit in the middle of the pile, and I become engrossed for hours, and at the end of my lengthy reverie, I still possess as many as I did when I began.  

I confess: I'm a hoarder. I'm a saver of sentiments. I'm a keeper of messages. An accumulator of accolades. I'm a collector of cards.

Birthday cards, thank you cards, just because cards, Mother's Day, Christmas and "way to go" cards. I can't seem to throw away a single one. The thing that happens, though, when sitting in the middle of that pile as I attempt in vain to throw these cherished cards away?

I sit, surrounded by words of uplift, of appreciation, and of joy, and my heart is so much lighter. I am encouraged by people's words, and struck by the time it took someone to select each card, to write it out by hand, to put on a stamp, and to mail it. In our present-day world of hurry and bustle, that is no small thing. 

I won't ever be good at throwing away personal notecards. But I'm sure an expert at enjoying every single one. If any of my cards are from you, I thank you. The impact your words have had on me is immeasurable. 

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